Non Government Organization Earth Walkers

"Reflesh" Fukushima children
Yonezawa Harvesting Program


We are holding the projects supporting children from 0 to 12 years old in Fukushima to play and experient in nature in Yonezawa, Yamagata prefecture once a month.
As a result, many children restricted from playing outside by fears of radiation can play outdoors, such as ruuning on the grass and practicing riding bicycle without the fears.
 There are some events in each month.
Jan, Feb, Mar, and Dec  :  "YUKIASOBI"  -Playing in the Snow-
Apr  :  "OHANAMI"  -Cherry blossom Viewing Picnic-
May  :  "TAUE"  -Rice Planting-
Jun  :  "YAMAASOBI"  -Hiking and Playing in nature-
Jul  :  "SAKURANBO-GARI"  -Cherries Piking-
Aug  :  "EDAMAME-GARI"  -Green soybeans Harvesting-
Sep and Oct  :  "INEKARI"  -Rice Harvesting-
Nov  :  "RINGO-GARI"  -Apple Piking-